Another amazing Kathak year comes to a close

Its hard to believe how quickly this year has passed, but we have been filling our time wisely!  Classes at the Bickford Centre, downtown Toronto have been very exciting;  each one filled with the sounds of live tabla, sitar, harmonium, ghungru, and class recitation!  Many thanks to our wonderful musicians Santosh Naidu, Priyank Thatte, Shawn Barry, Anita Katakkar and Robin Kalnin, who give so much of their time and expertise.  The true essence and life blood of kathak is shared with live music, and it is such an additional teaching inspiration. Thank you all!
Our Scarborough school has grown exponentially this year, and could not be sustained with such joy and expertise, without the dedicated additional teaching skills of Chad Walasek.  Thanks so much to parents and students for your continued support of our work and the artistic growth of all involved.
The Fall of 2015, added a Brampton school to our roster, and we have a committed and growing group of young children, teens and adults who attend classes each Saturday afternoon.  Chad Walasek, as teacher for this school, continues to inspire and bring deep dedication to the classes.
I am so excited to experience what 2016 can bring for our community.

..the path of kathak is ever expanding...

..the path of kathak is ever expanding…




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