Ketevan Sacred Music Festival – St. Augustine Ruins, Old Goa


Joanna de Souza, Santosh Naidu and Ian de Souza came together with stellar musicians from Spain, Germany, Argentina and Goa to create Confluences, as part of the Ketevan Music Festival.  This amazing festival, in its first year, was the brain child of musician, professor and conductor, Santiago Lusardi Girelli, who brought together a fantastic group of artists and people.  Through dance and music, the story of  Queen Ketevan’s life – and her death – played out in front of the UNESCO protected site of the Augustine Ruins in Old Goa.  Story goes that after her martyrdom in Iran, Augustine monks from Goa clandestinely brought her remains back  to India.  Her bones were excavated from the Ruins in 2013.  Many thanks to Santiago, Sonia Shirsat and all musicians for this incredible experience.



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