FINITE : new dance with CHHANDAM and FadaDance


In June 2016, funding from the Ontario Arts Council made it possible to for M-DO/CHHANDAM Dance Company and FadaDance from Regina Saskatchewan to expand on their long-term creative relationship through a six-day intensive in Toronto. Guided by an interest in nurturing new artistic associations within Canada and extending the international boundaries of each other’s work, seven Chhandam dancers and the three primaries from FadaDance came together for tentative exploration. Here, the companies cemented a strong creative bond and sowed the seeds of a full-scale collaboration and the development of Finite. On October 2, 2016 we shared an in-studio showing of this work in progress, as the Array Space in Toronto.  This developing new full evening work, will allow dancers to take their curiosity to the next level, creating a style of presentation that is neither contemporary or kathak. They are developing a new physical expression that is relevant, powerful, and accessible to contemporary art makers and viewers across the world; a global dance vocabulary.


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