Chhandam/FadaDance India Tour 2018

Dream with Us

Chhandam Dance Company (Toronto, ON)  and FadaDance (Regina, SASK.) are touring India in early 2018!  These two companies have been creating award winning dance in Canada for over 20 years, and will take their newest work BARDO on a six-city tour of India from January 26- February 10.

BARDO will animate the states between death and rebirth, as it relates to culture, original choreography, music, and narrative. This tour provides an opportunity to showcase our uniquely Canadian contemporary experiences of Indian traditions in dance and music.

This year we have dreamed big – really big.  With our most talented musician and dancer friends, we will visit major Indian cities from coast to coast.   Composer/musician Ian de Souza,  percussionist Santosh Naidu and producer Orion Paradis,  join our BARDO dancers, performing their original music score live.
Group FINITE 2 - Kiran  Group FINITE 1
Funding, always a great challenge when sharing art, will be augmented through our own Indiegogo on-line funding campaign.
Launching  Friday August 4th.

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