BARDO tours India January-February 2018

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CHHANDAM DANCE COMPANY and FADADANCE tour BARDO in India January 25- Februrary 10, 2018
                                                                      “they fearlessly absorb, synthesize and create new forms of age old traditions”

The Tibetan Buddhist term “bardo” signifies the liminal state between death and rebirth, or between two lives on earth.  Like the many faces, and one heart of the Canadian identity, BARDO’s choreography mirrors Canada’s syncretic culture by using the vocabulary of two distinct dance forms, kathak and contemporary, harnessing their similarities and contrasting differences as a catalyst for freedom, possibility of form, and powerful stimulus for new movement.

2018 India Dates:
January 26- NCPA Experimental Theatre,      Mumbai
January 31, Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre,     New Delhi
February 2, Seva Sadan,      Bangalore
February 5, Goa University,   Panaji
February 10, G.D.Birla Sabhagar,   Kolkata

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