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Chhandam Dance Company brings the exciting and exacting elements of kathak into the group setting. Collaboration with different musical styles, dance forms and contemporary themes are at the root of Chhandam’s choreographic aesthetic. The vocabulary of kathak allows this dance form to move between tradition and innovation easily. The flow of movement and dramatic expression inherent to the form, enables the dance to reveal themes that are common and mythic, often at the same time. Dynamic use of technique, music forms, and the stage environment sets this South Asian dance company apart.

Choreographer and Artistic Director Joanna de Souza is a thirty-five year disciple of the late Pt. Chitresh Das.

CONTINUUM, our first in-venue presentation after the Covid lockdown
Video Capture and Editing: Ed Hanley and Toby Proctor

Knock on Wood, created by Jane Morris and Mihaela Dirlea, revealed the many faces, both benign and malevolent, of Baba Yaga, the feminine forest spirit.
See their work here:

Traditional kathak solo where Aarti Anand performed a solo which beautifully articulated all the wonderful elements of kathak- rhythmn, music, emotional expression, and virtuosic technique.
See her work here:

LOST RIVERS- Animating nature through dance and poetry
On April 16, 2022 M-DO/KathakToronto created a site specific work for Myseum of Toronto, at Black Creek in north west Toronto. The theme through dance choreographed by Joanna de Souza and spoken word created by Ayesha Khan, focused on the divine feminine in nature and community.

Video captured and created by Ed Hanley.


BARDO  (2018) excerpts
Choreography by Joanna de Souza and Misty Wensel of FadaDance.

Thank you  to the Canada Council for the Arts in their support of our 2018 India Tour