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M-DO/KathakToronto presented Rhyme & Reason, our annual Traditions Alive Student Recital, Saturday December 14, 2019. Little did we know it would be our last for a number of years, and we are hoping to return with a wonderful new student lead program in December 2022. View highights and see a full description on our YouTube page, by linking below.

  Sharing a few shots from our International Kathak Retreat January 4-11, 2020 – Art Village, Karjat Maharastra

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Recent Youtube videos



Wa Seh Ke Jac and Ancient Futures  created for Ffida Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists  circa 1991 and 1992

Garden of Stone – Directed by Gregory Nixon, Interpreted by Joanna de Souza circa 1995

Zebra and the Lion-  Joanna de Souza created the audio score for this wonderful animated commercial, designed to raise awareness and funds, through the UN Association of Canada.  This initiative helped bring sports equipment to kids in war torn areas of the world.   circa 2007