Rhythm for Life


A COVID-19 Kathak Dance Fundraiser

Art for Community ~ Art for Aid ~ Art for Beauty

24-hour dance and music event

Thank you for your tremendous support and contributions to our Rhythm for Life fundraiser for COVID relief in India. This was an incredible event, and a real labour of love for all involved. Thank you to everyone who shared their passion for kathak, and to those who joined us over the 24 hour period to view and support. If you have not yet submitted your donation, please see the donation information below. If you have missed seeing your sponsored dancer/s, please review their sessions in the attached videos. We will update this website shortly with a total amount of funds raised from this event.

A huge heartfelt thanks from all of the participants and organizers.

Donation Information

CanadaHelps has a broad range of India COVID specific causes to choose from. These include medical supplies and oxygen, help for children and families, more robust testing and more. They all provide Canadian tax receipts. Examples are UNICEF, OXFAM, Red Cross.

Doctors without Borders/MSF is an incredible international organization and they provide international tax receipts for donations of $10 and up.

If you wish to acknowledge a dancer you are supporting, please follow these steps on either of these sites:

  • Check “Make this gift in honor” or “Add a Dedication”
  • select “In honor of”, fill in name of dancer
  • select “Send an eCard”, fill in “Rhythm for Life” and rhythm.for.life.india@gmail.com
  • fill in a short message and your details if desired
  • then proceed to the donation



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(time in EDT and in Toronto except where specified)

Part 1

Part 2 >, Part 3 >
9 am SAT Joanna de Souza
Anita Katakkar
Somia Chakrabarti
Natasha Manji
Purvi Patel
Gamsana Abayan
Mihaela Dirlea (Annapolis Royal, NS)
Sucheta Heble
Aruna Mitra
Tara Goleman
Gretchen Hayden-Ruckert(Boston)
Seema Mehta (Mumbai)
Crystal D’Silva (Brussels)
Megan Mishra
Meenakshi S
Shriya Kulkarni
10 am Joanna de Souza with class: Aishwarya Persaud, Ameya Madan, Gaiyatri Jain, Nikhita Laloo, Mallika Duggal, Teya Mody, Riya Varia.
Maya Chandarana
Misty Wensel(Regina)
Somia Chakrabarti(Kolkata)
Tegan Wylie(Toulouse)
Ayesha Khan
Pawas Soni
Tasneem Jiwani
Mihaela Dirlea (Annapolis Royal)
Urvashi Batra
Natasha Manji
Purvi Patel
11 am Jane Morris
Mamta Pranjivan
Priti Anand
Hellen H
Jessica Thadickal
Doyali Islam
Ira Raina
Tanurina Datta
Sudhir A
12 pm
(9 am PDT)
Ameera Nimjee (Seattle)
Davika Misir
Avani Kalicharran
Anandi Kalicharran
1 pm Sucheta Heble
Aruna Mitra
Asmita Talwalkar
Sanam Dehghani
Ekta Parnami
2 pm Jessica Thadickal
Meenakshi Agrawal and Keya B. Waikar
3 pm Shefali Jain (Boston)
Sujatha Kumar (Boston)
Lavanya Kumara
Anwita Wadekar
Leela Ahn
Shriya Kukarni
4 pm Sarah Farrukh
Anita Katakkar
Prajakta Dravid
Isaa Chopra
Nina Bhattacharya
Aarti Anand
Kathryn Wright(Boston)

Part 2

Part 3 >
5 pm TP Chai
Vibhu Sharma
Nishtha Sharma
6 pm Anita Katakkar
Jessica Thadickal
7 pm
Kathryn Wright(Boston) Sujatha Kumar
Urvashi Batra
8 pm
(7 pm CST)
Misty Wensel (Regina)
Joanna de Souza
Priti Anand
Shaill B
Anita Katakkar
Sarah Darrukh
Aarti Anand
Jessica Thadickal
9 pm Sudeshna Maulik (Montreal) and students: Isha Dhote, Reesha Raja Prabhakar Karmakar, Samir Mushriff, Ren Bangert, Rijha Bhattacharya, Marie Chantal, Ananya Mushriff. Anita Katakkar
Sarah Darrukh
Aarti Anand
10 pm Sudeshna Maulik (Montreal) and students: Isha Dhote, Marie Chantal, Reesha Raja, Prabhakar Karmakar, Darshana

Part 3

2 am
(9 am CEST)
Crystal D’Silva (Brussels)
3 am
Crystal D’Silva (Brussels)
Seema Mehta (Mumbai)
4 am Seema Mehta (Mumbai)
5 am Aparita
6 am
(12 pm BST)
Kiran Phull (London)
Amrit Phull (Bangalore)
Kaajal Parbhoo
7 am
(4:30 pm IST)
Seema Mehta (Mumbai) with Prachi Wagh, Mira Wagh, Sandhya Gopalakrishnan, Pawas Soni, Anuradha Aggarwal, Priya Kapadia, Mrunmayi Oke, Ira Arora, Zara K, Sejal Kumar, Karishma Gala, Jyotika Manghani.
Joanna de Souza
8 am Aarti Anand
Natasha Manji
Sandhya Gopalakrishnan
Pawas Soni
9 am Gretchen Hayden-Ruckert(Boston) with class: Shefali Jain, Meenakshi Agrawal, Pranali Dhole , Kathryn Wright, Sujatha Kumar.
Seema Mehta(Mumbai)
Joanna de Souza
Jane Morris
Dipti Sadalge
Justine Watt
Lavanya Kumara
Purvi Patel
Meenakshi Sharma
Meghana Mishra
Sucheta Heble
Rina Kaul
Urvashi Batra
Aarti Anand
Natasha Manji
Aruna Mitra
Rachana S

Presented by :
M-DO/KathakToronto – Joanna de Souza
Chhandam Nritya Bhrati – Seema Mehta – Mumbai
Chhandika Boston – Gretchen Hayden-Ruckert